Jan Peter Vos , born in 1941 in Blaricum, the Netherlands, is the oldest son of a textile business family.

Introduced at an early stage by his father into the worlds of art, nature and photography, he embraced its fascination and became part of it.
He developed a sense to think and see things differently to find out, that most of the world around him just does the opposite.

Planning to join the world of textiles himself, his life took a major turn in 1965. He departed to Latin America, where he found his lost “home” in Guatemala. 
The colorful lifestyle of its people, their em
otions and the very special touch of nature in that part of the world got anchored for good in his soul.

1969, after the birth of his first 2 kids, he decided to return to Europe to learn more about industrial thinking. During the 70´s he has been working for a large international company and became an active part of the video and computer revolution. As such he has been actively involved in the birth of the first consumer videocameras and played as from the early 80´s a prominent role in developing and marketing the early generation of personal computers.

Fascinated by innovation and the progress of human thinking, he entered the software industry with a small group of equally minded people to develop and market revolutionary software solutions. 

Whatever he did or wherever he was, photography, his father’s heritage, was his permanent companion.
His great love is the beauty of the often ignored, tiny details, that one would find hard to discover.

It is this special love, that inspires him to think and act differently. 
“Sometimes it is only a tiny thing, that can cause major effects”

To see these things and their impact, is his art. 
Enjoy this fascinating perspective.
Jan Peter Vos creates his pictures electronically .
He uses his camera or mobile phone and processes his pictures with software like Adobe´s Photoshop and Lightroom.
His pictures are mostly compositions of several pictures, which together reveal worlds of phantasy based on natural reality.

He is working intuitively like being on a voyage discovering the unknown.

It is important to him not to reinvent nature, but to work with Nature´s reality to create a new phantasy.

It is the creativity of Mother Nature, that triggers his own creativity.

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