I am born in 1941 in Blaricum, the Netherlands, as the oldest son of a textile business family.

My father, a Leica fanatic, introduced me into the worlds of art, nature and photography. I got so fascinated, that they became natural parts of me.

Originally I planned to join the world of textiles, but my life took a major turn in 1965. I departed to Latin America, where I found my lost “home” in Guatemala. 
The colorful lifestyle of the people, their em
otions and their very special touch with Nature got anchored for good in my soul.

1969, after the birth of my first 2 kids, I decided to return to Europe to learn more about industrial thinking. During the 70´s I have been working for a large international company and became an highly motivated participant in the video and computer revolution, first the birth of the first consumer videocameras and from the early 80´s onwards the exciting development and marketing of the early generation of personal computers.

Unbiased and creative thinking is my thing.

The software industry offered me a new and very creative playing ground. With a small group of equally minded people we founded a company and started to develop and market a software solution, very revolutionary for that moment of time. 
During the 90’s I got involved as co-founder in the development and marketing of a collaborative software platform to support people to work together more efficiently. 

During that time Photography, the heritage of my father, turned digital and expanded my digital experience multiplying my options to create.

The infinite creativity of Mother Nature became my source of inspiration. Tiny and often ignored details started to draw my attention.
They were the start of my journey as a photographic artist. 
How do I work?
My art is digital.
I am working with electronic pixels and my tools are my intuition, my camera, my mobile phone, Lightroom and Photoshop.

Sometimes I am working like a painter works with paint, sometimes I am building electronic constructions.

Mother Nature is my Master. She allows me to create my own worlds.
I am not copying or competing with her.
On the contrary, She triggers my intuition.

My art is a journey into the unknown.
I don’t know neither plan the outcome before.
It starts to exist led by my intuition.

Usually I start with two photos to develop a new world, that may be completely different from the original photos.
The photos that I use in my creative process are shot spontaneously without any planning.
When they „talk“ to me, they join me in my creative process. 

Maybe my secret is, that I switch off thinking and work intuitively.
The quality of the outcome depends on the intuitive clarity of the time of creation.
Creation can be fast, but it can also take a longer time.
A picture is finished, as soon as I feel its harmony.
Some pictures have an enormous power and can be a tremendous source of information resulting into many more pictures.
It's a very exciting journey.

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